Weddings Around the World: Singapore

Weddings Around the World: Singapore

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While every bride primps before her wedding, in Singapore, grooming is a part of an age-old custom. As we’ve mentioned before, red is a lucky color in some Asian cultures. In Singapore, the bride’s hair is tied with a red string to signify blessings and good fortune. Before she ties her hair, both sides of the bride’s family will perform a hair-combing and bathing ritual, in which she cleanses herself with pomelo-infused water.

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Following her cleansing ritual, a Dragon Phoenix candle is lit to ward off evil spirits, and both the bride and the groom have their hair combed four times, with each stroke signifying a different blessing. The first stroke signifies a sweet marriage, from beginning to end. The second stroke symbolizes a harmonious marriage. The third is a wish for many sons and grandsons to come, and the fourth stroke is a wish for wealth and a long-lasting marriage.

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