The Story Behind Turquoise

The Story Behind Turquoise


Someone recently asked me where I came up with the inspiration for the bridal show a touch of turquoise and what it means exactly… and I thought more of you would want to know – so here it is. Simply put, it’s finding that unique element that makes your wedding your own. When I started to think about what that means specifically and what makes a wedding unique, I started thinking about my own wedding (many years ago) and how, in retrospect, I would have added my own touch of  turquoise.

So here are a few things I’d do a little differently!

1) Fusion! Keeping some traditions and making new ones. I never considered a fusion wedding even though I was raised in the USA and born in Iran. I took my traditions a bit too seriously. I would have walked down the aisle vs. sitting in front of the sofreh (traditional table setting for Persian ceremony) and created a more modern sofreh (like this one!) – simple and sweet. And I would definitely have bridesmaids!
2) More Color! I settled too quickly on traditional creams and whites. I love the color turquoise and what it represents and wish I had worn turquoise shoes (like these Manolo Blahniks!) or somehow incorporated it into the design!
3) Not all about me! I would pay more attention to details to impress my guests and family and make them feel special.
4) No more posing! I know how important photography is at a wedding, but I would love more natural photos with our guests, rather than have all of the stiff, posed shots! It would have been way more fun to mingle with our guests and have them document the night, instead of posing the whole way through. Love this photographer!
5) Hire a planner/designer! I know you DIY brides think if you plan far enough ahead you can do everything on your own or with the help of family and friends, but take it from a former DIY bride. Hire a planner –  it’s worth every penny. I was so stressed the day of the wedding, as were my family and friends. Many of our little fires could have been avoided with a planner! (Obsessed with this designer!)

Watching my friends from all different cultural backgrounds get married transcends not just into a love for them, but also a love for their cultures! I realized a big part of a little something turquoise is the special, personal traditions we all have, but aren’t always sure how to recreate to reflect who we are now, where we come from and of course our future as a couple!

Are there things you would do differently?