Sweet & Saucy Shop will meet all your dessert cravings!

Sweet & Saucy Shop will meet all your dessert cravings!

sweetandsaucy2 copyThe California-based and family run Sweet & Saucy Shop is a local sweet-spot favorite specializing in custom desserts that taste as good as they look! The shop does everything from custom-designed wedding cakes to mini dessert bars, favors and cupcakes. Melody Brandon, head pastry chef, opened the shop in 2009 and runs it with her mom, sister, dad and aunt who all have official titles within the company! If you’re located in Southern California there are two locations: Long Beach and Newport Beach.

Let me tell you as a dessert lover this is not a one-stop shop. If you’re not planning a wedding you can still pop into the bakery and there will be plenty of decadent and tasty options to please your palette like French macaroons, cupcakes, sugar cookies and other specialty cakes.

Now for the pictures!

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Check out this video tour of their shop and meet the owners!

Visit Sweet & Saucy Shop and take a peek at their super cute blog here!