Klein Epstein & Parker

Klein Epstein & Parker

We want our grooms to feel just as special as our brides on their wedding day! Introducing Klein Epstein & Parker – they create a made-to-measure experience for grooms, from the fabric, lining and buttons to personalized embroidery. Klein Epstein & Parker are passionate visionaries, meeting a new generation’s voice of personalization and luxury and we are thrilled to have them as a Something Lovely Wedding Event sponsor!


You and your groom set all the details. Looking for a midnight blue wool tuxedo or a black linen suit? No problem! For Klein Epstein & Parker it’s all in the details and how you’d like to match the look and feel of your wedding day.


After you decide the right look and style, Klein Epstein & Parker will create your custom pattern and begin production. The result will be a fine looking tux or suit made with the finest Italian fabrics, that fits the wedding day style. Best of all, Klein Epstein & Park are purveyors of affordable luxury made-to-measure fashion with tuxedos starting at $898 and shirts starting at $248.


Don’t settle for an off the rack suit or tuxedo rental on your wedding day. Design a suit that is all you, that feels great and that you can continue to use beyond your special day. Experience Something Lovely Wedding on August 3 and see these amazing suits on the RUNWAY!!


Photography by Marianne Wilson Photographers