Hop, Skip, and Jumping the Broom

Hop, Skip, and Jumping the Broom

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Broom-jumping is a wedding tradition that, like many others, brings together the past and the future in symbolic celebration of a couples new life together. “Jumping the broom” has been passed down from African culture, and is commonly thought to be a wedding ceremony ritual that symbolizes the problems of the past being swept away. Additionally, it is an homage to those who paved the way for the young couple.

Sadly, the exact etymology and date of the ritual have been lost due to the displacement of Africans during America’s period of slavery. The development of broom-jumping in America is also regarded as a reminder of a time when slaves were not allowed to practice many of their traditional rituals, with the exception of a few that were considered “harmless”. The small act of jumping over a broom became a bonding act, connecting the couple in matrimony.

These days, the broom is often beautifully decorated with ribbon, lace, satin, and flowers. In addition to being a strong symbol of what was and what will be, it can also become a beautiful keepsake of a magical walk down the aisle, and a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Think of what a fantastic hand-me-down, or “something old” this broom could be!

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