Gift Giving Genius: Wantful

Gift Giving Genius: Wantful


As our September 29th event date nears I want to spend a little time introducing our sponsors. We most certainly could not do the show without them and so appreciate their lending their time and brand name to our exclusive luxury wedding event. I am an entrepreneur magazine junkie and discovered the online gift-giving site Wantful while reading Fast Company and had to look into them!

Wantful is an online gift-giving service characterized by high-quality gifts from the best designers and producers in the world. It’s fabulous business model, user friendly approach and gorgeous design make it very intuitive to begin the gift-giving process by answering a brief questionnaire about your recipient and your budget, and are then given an array of curated gift options. The most brilliant part of the process is they then select twelve products which Wantful assembles into a custom catalogue and delivers to your intended recipient, who then picks one as their gift. This company has truly revolutionized the art of gift giving.

Wantful recently introduced their wedding shop and this new component has streamlined wedding shopping forever without compromising quality taste or unique style. With options to buy gifts for your bridesmaids, groomsmen and even the couple themselves it’s truly the ultimate one-stop luxury shopping experience.

Explore the site here!