An Interview: Getting to know Samuel Lippke

An Interview: Getting to know Samuel Lippke

We had the immense pleasure of interviewing talented photographer, Samuel Lippke. On Monday we posted images of one of his (and ours!) favorite weddings. Many of you agreed on Facebook and Twitter! We are so fortunate to have him photographing our event in September, we wanted to share more about his experience and well, basically how fabulous he is with you! Enjoy!

How have wedding photography trends evolved in the last ten years? 

The digital age changed the way photographers interact, show their work and provide their images to clients. It also made it very easy to produce a sort of “Wal-Mart” style image; quick filters to make an image “pop”, these are all things I try to avoid. I love watching what has worked in the past and respecting it with my own work. If it worked way back then it will work now.

 Samuel Lippke photographer


Your work has appeared in countless magazines throughout your career, what sets your photographs apart? 

I think my approach and the way I handle situations allows me to capture the moments that are intimate and rare.

What is the one type of photo all brides want on their big day? 

My brides want images that tell a romantic story while they look stunning and timeless.

How do you calm nervous brides on their wedding day? 

A little mix of reassurance and champagne.

You travel the world for lifestyle and advertising shoots, how does this type of work differ influence your wedding photography?

My goal is to always bring a well-rounded photo outlook to weddings. So easily wedding images can be put into a box and titled “Wedding Photography” but my thought is, why can a photo of a bride getting out of a limo or kissing her new husband be an ad campaign for a diamond ring or Rolex? If the photo can stand the test of time I know I’ve succeeded.

What is the most obscure place you’ve ever shot a wedding? Engagement photos? 

The jungles of Thailand, unexplored beaches of Brazil and a frozen lake in Canada are all up there as top obscure locations. I love the challenge that those locations offered me. They always pay off.

How do you approach documenting the entire wedding day? 

One 5-hour energy drink at a time. I once clocked how many miles I walked/ran on a wedding day in Hong Kong, it came out to be 7 miles. I train like an athlete to be able to get the most out of each wedding day I’m a part of. I also rely greatly on my amazing assistants to make my day easier on my body. I turn into a machine and forget to do simple things like hydrate. Thanks team!

Do you have a most memorable wedding? What details made it so memorable? 

I was able to photograph my brother’s wedding in Brazil. I was also the best man, so I could really connect emotionally. They eloped but brought a few of their best friends to help facilitate their perfect weekend. Also photographing the intimate wedding of Vanessa Traina & Max Snow at their private residence in San Francisco was jaw dropping.

In three words describe your shooting style? 

Documentary, Fashion & Timeless

Is there someone or a location you have always wanted to shoot and haven’t had the chance yet?

I have always wanted to photograph a group of models sailing on a catamaran in the waters of the South of France while photographing ad campaigns for varying brands. I also would love to photograph something out of this world like a poverish village in Mauritania. It’s always good to get out of our comfort zones and realize just how good we have it. Wedding wise? A castle wedding in Russia for Natalia Vodianova with snow on the ground and horse drawn sleighs sounds fun to photograph.