Weddings Around the World: Something Red from Greece

Weddings Around the World: Something Red from Greece

Greek culture is steeped in tradition, and Greek weddings have many customs in which the whole family is expected to participate. On the day of the wedding, before the bride walks down the aisle, her mother and father perform a small ritual in which they give her their blessing for her married life.

After the bride is dressed, her parents and close relatives say goodbye to her with a red scarf. The bride’s father will cross the scarf three times around her waist and head in order to symbolize fertility and to protect her from evil wishes. While he ties the scarf around her, a group of musicians will play instruments and recite “Call her father to tie her tight with the scarf and give her his blessing from his heart”. Following the father of the bride, the mother of the bride then ties a red scarf around her daughter’s waist, with the musicians reciting “Call her mother to come and tie her, to give her blessing and give her away”.

The groom is also tied with a red scarf by his parents prior to the wedding ceremony. Upon tying his waist with a red scarf, the groom and his family go to the bride’s house, and together, both families go to the church with their musical entourage.

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