Weddings Around the World: A Festive Grill

Weddings Around the World: A Festive Grill

floral car 1Recently, we posted about the custom of tying cans and old boots to the back of the bridal car. Today, we’re going to talk about the (much quieter) Italian tradition of decorating the front grill of the bridal car. This decorative ritual is done to symbolize the wish that the newly married husband and wife are paving the way to the sweet life. The fragrant and lovely flower arrangements are the perfect metaphor as the couple escapes into a new and beautiful life together.

floral car 3

We love any opportunity to decorate with a lovely floral! Also, for those of you planning floral arrangements to add to your own bridal car, think about taking the approach a little more literally and using real fruit to add to the bouquet!

floral car 2

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