Pearls have been associated with weddings since ancient times. The Greeks considered pearls to be the “wedding gem” because they believed pearls would help ensure marital bliss and prevent newlywed brides from crying. In the 14th and 15th centuries, pearls were at the height of wedding fashion at royal weddings in the French House of Burgundy. From Queen Elizabeth I to Queen Elizabeth II, the tradition of wearing pearls on the wedding day has continued. At the beginning of the 20th century, pearls are thought of as much a nuptial gem in the United States as diamonds. The tradition of bestowing pearls upon the bride continues. Often the father-of-the-bride or the groom gives the gift of pearls to the bride for her wedding day.


One hundred and twenty years ago, a Japanese man named Kokichi Mikimoto invented the culturing of pearls and revolutionized the pearl industry. Throughout the late 19th century-early 20th century he perfected his technique and opened his first store in Ginza and eventually word of the quality product sold there quickly made its way to Europe and by 1913, he had established stores in major cities across the globe. In 1975 Mikimoto opened a store in New York City. Women’s Wear Daily has named Mikimoto one of the world’s top luxury brands. We are so excited to have a brand with such a long and rich history as Mikimoto part of our wedding event.


Chronicle Mikimoto’s rich history in this unique timeline featured on their site.

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